Since the launch in 2015 the objective has been to combine gourmet with artisanal and replacing the traditional with the exotic.

With several limited edition Burgers, all accompanied by our famous pepper jelly.
Nothing in our menu is common, everything is a unique experience.

We are a company on the path to sustainability and respect for the environment and all cultures. Our brand has added an all Halal menu with the same standard of authenticity.

Welcome to the best burger experience of your life.


Our Founder

Passionate about the world of Old No 7, Selma Araujo started a small Menu of just 7 items that included the drink in all recipes in a small Bistro in the city of Curitiba.


The menu was very successful, in a simple way and including desserts in less than 10 months it needed to be expanded.


With the first Food Truck, we started a more extensive menu, improving on Burgers, all of them with whiskey in the recipe.


Unable to meet the great demand, another food truck was invested, and the burgers and menu were even readapted!


Dominating the food courts of major international shows in Curitiba, it was necessary to expand the business.


So “Jack Burgers” was the first to have an entire menu with Jack Daniels in the recipe. Dragging a collection of fans. Appreciators of good taste and craftsmanship, the blues and emotions of Rout 66.

2017 /2019

Years of many changes and improvements to the brand and menu. Expansion and franchise study. Courses and lectures.


Unit redesigned! New layout and international expansion planning!


Study and tests validated to start the project in the United Kingdom.


European market studied and validated, menu developed for everything from small and important occasions to corporate get-togethers. Burgers developed with artisanal products, fantastic menu in black and white adding to the charm.


Passionate about the gastronomic world and new experiences, Shakir joins to introduce Shak Burgers. Bringing more flavor and quality with a completely Halal Menu.


Signature pub menus with a new location established in Shoreditch with a kitchen inside Spread Eagle Pub.

Catering by JB introduced.